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Amy’s Case Notes #3a

Posted: June 29, 2013 by amyallen41 in Amy's Case Notes

The bug we installed in Royce’s office got results. This morning, we overheard a call he received from some gangster in Chicago telling Royce to hurry up and get ownership of the hotel property. Apparently, Royce’s Rec Center is a front for part of a drug smuggling operation; the drugs are dropped off at his place, and the gangsters come by to pick them up and take them to Chicago. Now they want to get the hotel so they can use it to house drug runners and gangsters that are too “hot” to be out on the streets.

After that conversation, Hannibal got us all ready for Royce to arrive. We each got guns (wow, this makes me really nostalgic!) and were stationed at our respective posts to wait. Of course, we still had to keep things up and running for the hotel guests, so it was quite a balancing act, doing our jobs while being ready to pull out a gun at a moment’s notice. B.A. was on grounds crew with Mike, Hannibal helped Mr. Duncan with records in between thinking of a plan, Murdock took over the kitchen, and Face and I watched the front desk, while Mrs. Duncan and Tiffany performed maid service. Face was not-so-secretly disappointed that he got stuck with me instead of Tiffany; he barely spoke a word to me the whole time (which is unusual for him), and insisted on taking most of the phone calls. Finally I got fed up with it and told him straight that we were all trying to do our jobs here, and if he didn’t like working with me, he would simply have to deal with it. He whirled around and opened his mouth to unleash a stream of words in true Faceman style, but I never found out what they were, because at that moment, the door burst open, and Royce and his buddies walked in.

They took one look at Face and me and registered surprise. “Hey,” said Royce, “ain’t you that lawyer and his assistant that was at my place yesterday?” I fingered my gun. Face gave a big smile, and said, “Yeah, we figured that the law business wasn’t quite as, uh, profitable as the hotel business, so we decided to switch.” Royce frowned. He stepped forward slowly, hand toying with something on his right hip. “Well, you got that wrong, buddy,” he growled. “There ain’t no profit in hotel business around here, so if I was you, I’d get out of it as soon as you can.”

Face just kept smiling. “Thanks for the advice, but we really like it here, so I think we just might stay.” Royce moved even closer until his left hand was on the desk, and he leaned over to stare Face and me in the eye. With his right hand, he pulled out his gun and held it pointed down in our direction. “I don’t think you understood me,” he whispered hoarsely. “There ain’t no business here, so I suggest you get out, before I throw you out.”

Face’s smile was pasted on now, and I was getting ready to whip out my gun and nail the guy when Hannibal and B.A. appeared in the doorway behind the thugs. “Put down your weapons,” said Hannibal, flashing an AR-15. Royce and his men did so. “Now, back up against the wall. Hurry up!” The thugs complied.

“You know,” said Hannibal, “it’s interesting to see a guy who runs an apparently successful business already get so worked up over the idea of owning a hotel, specifically this hotel. Why would someone want the Greenfield Hotel so badly that he would go to such great lengths to get it?”

Hannibal pulled at his gloves. “I’ll tell you why; if the guy has a successful drug-smuggling operation in the basement of his successful rec center, maybe he wants to expand his operation, get even more profit. Maybe he’d consider buying a hotel just so he could use it to house lowlifes on the run or between destinations without suspicion.”

Royce’s face hardened. “You have no proof of this!”

Hannibal grinned. “Really? Show him, B.A.”

B.A., while holding his gun in one hand, pulled out a recorder in the other and pressed a button. It played back the phone conversation we had overheard that morning. Royce and his men stiffened; some of them even looked scared.

“So you see, Royce,” said Hannibal, once the recording stopped, “we’ve got you covered. Literally and figuratively. At this point, we have every reason to turn you over to the guys who deal with gang-friendly people like you; in other words, the cops.” He laughed. “Who knows, you might even get a free “Support Your Local Gang” bumper sticker in the process.”

He was still chuckling when a sound behind made him freeze. Someone had cocked a gun and was holding it on his back. “Drop the guns,” the guy said. There were more of them, another one covering B.A., the rest surrounding the door and advancing into the room. The gangsters had arrived.

To be continued. . .


Amy’s Case Notes #2

Posted: June 28, 2013 by amyallen41 in Amy's Case Notes

A quick update:

So I haven’t posted earlier today because we’ve been pretty busy. First, we basically put the hotel back together. The guys and Mr. Duncan and Mike fixed the windows, replaced the broken furniture, and even refreshed the paint, while Mrs. Duncan and Tiffany and I got the housework back in order. All of the staff except Tiffany have resigned, so until the Duncans hire new people, ta-da! The A-Team gets to stand in. Murdock has now decided that his persona for this case will be “Hotel-man,” which will involve him working the front desk, cleaning the rooms, maintaining the pool, and doing whatever else the Duncans ask him “faster than a speeding key card” or something like that. B.A. told him up front that he couldn’t wear a costume or he’d scare the customers away, so he’s wearing neon-yellow converse to make up for it.

This afternoon, Face and I went incognito to check out the rec center. Face pretended he was a lawyer whose customer complained he was thrown out on insufficient grounds (he told me B.A. had an experience which gave him the idea), and so we talked to Stan Royce and looked around a little bit. We didn’t dig up much dirt yet, but we found out that Stan Royce is definitely a tough customer, and we left a little bug in his office for good measure (and this one doesn’t have six legs).

Since the hotel is mostly up and running again, we’ve gotten a few guests, which are keeping us all busy. I’m just finishing up my shift on the front desk, and since it’s been pretty quiet for a while I decided to make good use of the time and write this post. Hannibal’s been hinting that tomorrow we might try to “draw out” Royce, so I’d better get some good rest so I’ll be ready. So, in the words of Ted Baxter, “Good news, and good night!”




Amy’s Case Notes #1

Posted: June 27, 2013 by amyallen41 in Amy's Case Notes

Hi guys! I’ve decided that the best way to document the case would be to post updates periodically on what has happened, what has been said, how everyone is doing, how much closer we are to getting the bad guys, blah blah blah etc. I’m armed with my camera, my digital recorder, and my laptop to help me gather and divulge information as the case unfolds. So without further ado, I present the first case update. (silent cheer)

First of all, we drove down to the Greenwood Hotel and talked to the family who runs it, the Duncans. Fred and Joanne are middle-aged, and they have a son, Mike, who is in his twenties. Fred does the administrative work and finances, Joanne keeps tabs on the housework, and Mike does most of the maintenance and heavy lifting. They employ a cook, a few maids, and a couple front-desk workers, one of whom is the Duncan’s niece Tiffany Walsh (of course she was there when we visited, and of course Face took notice and put on his charming self).

So anyway, the Duncans have been getting repeated offers from the Royce Rec Center to buy their hotel property for a ridiculously low price. The Duncans said no, and told us that even if the price had been reasonable, they still wouldn’t want to sell their hotel. Then Stan Royce and his friends showed up in person and threatened the Duncans. When they still refused the offer, Royce and his men wrecked the lobby, broke a bunch of windows, and fired shots that scared the hotel guests away. Mike Duncan tried to fight them, but he was quickly subdued with a few punches and the threat of guns. Royce and his men told the Duncans that if they tried to go to the police, they would be hurt permanently.

Thankfully, the Duncans remembered the A-Team from when they stayed at the hotel while they were moving into their new house. They got a hold of Face, Face told the other guys, and the Duncans were cleared after passing a version of the Mr. Lee test involving a Mexican car wash or something. So now we’re here in the hotel cafeteria, enjoying chicken dinner, which was prepared by Mrs. Duncan since the cook resigned. The team’s status is as follows:

– Hannibal: obviously concocting a plan, given the light in his eye, the slight grin on his face, and the fact that he just now left with a cigar.
– Face: hasn’t made much progress on his meal since he is seated by Tiffany and enjoying every minute of it. I’m still deciding if it’s humorous or sickening.
– B.A.: not inclined toward conversation, but showing full appreciation for the meal; I think he’s on fourths now.
– Murdock: the most generally sociable of the group, and has been entertaining the Duncans with stories from past cases. He’s also been asking a lot of questions about the hotel business, which makes me think he’s working on a new persona for this case.
– Amy: happy to be back with the A-Team again, and caught between feeling excited and nostalgic. I’m also going to sign off in a second because I’ve been getting “looks” from everyone else after typing for so long.

Wow, that was a long post! Now, since you already know the history, the rest of my posts should be limited to periodic updates as the case develops, unless of course I find something interesting enough to ramble on and on about (is that a good thing or a bad thing? You decide).

This is Triple A, signing off.

Hi guys! Did you miss me?

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Hi guys! Did you miss me?


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You know guys, I don’t think I mind working at a hotel.  Good food, decent pay, pretty girls… yeah I could really get used to this job.

New Case!!!

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Hey guys, I think we may have a new case. There’s this couple, the Duncans, and their son who run that big hotel down the street. Well, the people who own the recreation center (you know the one you got kicked out of, B.A.?) are trying to get them to sell. The Duncans won’t budge, so last Friday some hoodlums showed up, messed up the hotel pretty bad and scared all the customers away. I talked to the Duncans yesterday, and they really need our help.


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Hannibal, did you use my ‘vette at all yesterday? It has a flat tire and it wasn’t like that Sunday when I drove it to Judy’s concert.

wishful thinking

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wishful thinking

If only people had these!


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Someone broke the window on my van!!! Someone’s gonna pay!!!!!!!!

I’m hungry.

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I’m hungry.