Face’s Con Tips


– A day a criminal changes something is a day to check up on.
– If captured, stay loose, and try to psych out your enemies. (this is one of Hannibal’s favorite strategies, unfortunately)
– Always keep a clear mind.
– Think fast, but thorough.
– Image is everything. (how many times must I say it?)
– Remember that it’s the singer, not the song.
– Smile when you shake hands, and don’t forget to take the gum out of your
mouth when you’re introduced.
– Don’t look down or they’ll know you’re lying.
– Don’t look up because they’ll know you don’t know the truth.
– Look straight at your mark, but don’t stare.
– Don’t say 7 words when 4 will do.
– Don’t touch your tie, look at the person.
– Don’t shift your weight.
– Be specific, but not memorable.
– Be funny, but don’t make them laugh.
– Remember that people have got to like you and then forget about you the
moment you’ve left their sight.
– Technology gets better everyday. That’s fine. But most of the time all you need is a stick of gum, a pocket knife and a smile.
– Don’t ever risk your life for an asset. If it comes down to you or them… send flowers.
– Put away some money so you can die someplace warm and don’t ever touch it. Not for anyone, ever.
– To solve the hardest crimes, hire the smartest criminals.
– The key to a good con is to place the mark in a position where he/she thinks reward
will come or harm will be avoided if he/she does exactly as told by the conman.
– Observe, but be unobserved.
– Always keep your eyes peeled and ears open.
– If you don’t have it, fake it.
– Always stay within your cover; blend in.
– Assume nothing.
– Technology will always let you down.
– Trust no one — anyone could be under enemy control.
– Don’t look back — you’re never alone.
– Keep your options open.
– Trust your gut — if something feels wrong, it probably is.
– Whatever can go wrong usually does go wrong.
– Take the initiative with the conversation; just because the person’s quiet doesn’t mean they don’t want to talk.
– Find out more about the other person than you tell about yourself.
– Once you give out information, it has to be true.
– Ask enough questions to get the other person talking, then sit back and take notes.
– Behave purposefully. Especially when you have no purpose.
– No matter where you are, act like you belong.
– Develop assessment skills by practicing, even in circumstances where you are merely a bystander.
– Learn to trust your instincts and make decisions — right or wrong, you will get better at it.
– Never second guess your decisions, but do analyze later.
– Be aware that you may be overlooking things in your surroundings, especially if they are familiar to you.
– Remain still and composed.
– Smile genuinely.
– Your opening statement is crucial.
– Assess and then focus on the other person’s interests.
– Plan in advance what you’re going to say about yourself.
– Maintain unshakable confidence no matter what.


Quotes courtesy of the A-Team series, “Oceans Eleven”, “Spy Game”, the White Collar series, Spyology by Spencer Blake, The Real Spy’s Guide to Becoming a Spy by Peter Earnest and Suzanne Harper

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